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The first TV show that doesn't happen on TV

Creative concept:

For its 2007 campaign, decides to launch a TV quiz show with a very special feature: you can see it on TV but you can only participate in it through Internet.

Because it is held in Internet, a lot more people can participate –anyone who wants to at the moment he wants to. If it was only held in TV just a few could participate.

Nevertheless the online show is an authentic TV show – it has the opening credits, the jingle, the TV presenter, live participation of its viewers and a key component: the prizes, which are Atrapalo’s real products.

Besides, there is a daily TV programme in the Spanish channel Cuatro where the audience can follow the ability or clumsiness of the users that have been participating online.

And, as any TV show, it is announced in every magazine and newspaper’s TV guide, at online forums about TV and through the own Cuatro’s autopromotional ads.

The TV show is a strategy to position the brand on the spotlight in a very notorious way, to explain the brand’s products (treating them as prizes for a TV show) and build distinctive values around the brand.

It is definitely a peculiar campaign that defines Atrápalo as a different and fresh travel agency


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