The Jungle

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Ron Cacique


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The Jungle is a new digital experience from Ron Cacique. This is a dreamlike region brought to life by the ancestral sap flowing in its veins, and where there is only way to get around – by following your instincts.

The secret of the jungle’s origin lies at its heart, and those who uncover it will get the chance to take a real trip closely related to their own interactive experience in the Jungle – the Runakay trip, an adventure in which they explore the world by relying on their wits.

Breaking with the characteristic black and white used by the Cacique brand over recent years, this new interactive territory is characterised by a great wealth of colours and textures, ushering in the brand’s new digital identity.

Exploring the Jungle, the visitor becomes the main character in his or her own adventure. Relying solely on instinct, using a wide range of audiovisual and interactive stimuli, users must push into the undergrowth, interact with the different forms of life there and come face to face with its unusual inhabitants in order to follow the trail that will lead them to discover its secret.