Advertiser / client:
Audi Spain

Product or Service advertised:
Audi A4 Avant

Creative idea / concept:
The A4 Avant is the protagonist of an interactive gallery, made up of four images, in which the car blends into the surrounding countryside.

The user may choose between two types of surfing: the first, rational -with a submenu where one can find the equipment, sizes and technical details-, and the other, emotional -where one can explore the entire image for the most relevant features of the car-. They are always accompanied by a descriptive text, and appear in two different forms: through zooms and camera movements, which are the most visible, and through visual metaphors concealed in the countryside, which are less obvious.

The entire design and idea of the minisite revolves around one, single concept: space.

Account Manager: Paula Ohlin, Natalia Bravo
Project Direction Frédéric Sanz
Concept Direction: Esther Pino, Frédéric Sanz
Copywriting: Esther Pino
Art Direction: Blanca Piera
Screen designer: Miguel Jiménez
Picture processing: Mariona Soler
Interactive Director: Joakim Borgström
Client-side programming development: Jose Rubio
Multimedia Direction: Oriol Quin
Flash animation: Alejandro Bica
Sound: Siete, Música visual