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Moving is fun

Creative idea / Concept:
This web site, developed for Mitsubishi Motors, is entirely based on the idea of "Moving is fun". The challenge consisted of giving shape to movement interactively and through Internet.

The site focuses the communication on an interactive experience, in which the user can "tickle" the characters, which have mechanical, video and human elements, with the mouse. The tickling causes different types of reaction in the characters, from a smile to hilarity, and provokes different movements according to their morphology.

It is a web based on a simple idea, but is technologically very complex. The characters relate to the user and amongst themselves with individualised behaviour, react according to the intensity of the tickling, and move through a setting with interactive and sonorous elements, which also affect their behaviour.

Senior Creative Director: Kotaro Sugiyama
Creative Director: Katsuhiko Iwasaki, Daniel Solana
Concept Director: Takeshi Mizukawa, Edu Pou
Account Executive: Junko Nishihara
Executive Producer: Kumiko Kitamura
Producer: René Lönngren
Copywriter: Yasuharu Sasaki, Stewart Colovin
Art Director: Kentaro Suda, Eva Blanch
Production Manager: Tetsuya Yamada
Technical Direction:: Akira Sano, Xavi Caparrós, Jordi Martínez
Characters Design: Oriol Quin
Graphic Movements: Jordi Martínez, Alejandro Bica, Oriol Quin
Interactive development: Xavi Caparrós, Jordi Martínez
Interactive Director: Joakim Borgström
Sound effects: 7siete, visual music