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Product or Service advertised:
Nestlé chocolates

Creative idea / Concept:
There are many people who, like Nestlé, have a wild, overwhelming passion for chocolate. This is why the brand has created a website devoted to the food of the gods.

At, Nestlé chocolate is classified according to colour. Here, users can contemplate mouth-watering pictures of black, white or milk chocolate, according to the colour of their passion.

The website also offers the exciting experience of being able to see, hear, touch and even - with a bit of imagination - smell chocolate.

Every single section of the website will whet the user's appetite, from the delicious recipes with a chocolate flavour to the history of chocolate and little-known facts about this exquisite product.

Production Manager: Jordi Pont
Project Direction Frédéric Sanz
Creative Director: Frédéric Sanz, Esther Pino
Copywriting: Esther Pino
Art Director: Blanca Piera
Screen Designer: Montse Torras
Picture processing: Mariona Soler
Interactive Director: Joakim Borgström
Client-side programming development: Josep Maria Soler, Jordi Martinez
Multimedia animation: Oriol Quin, Alejandro Bica
Tech Director and Server-side programming development: Juan López