Advertiser / client:
Nestlé España

Product or Service advertised:
Nestlé Chocolates

Creative idea / concept:
Like the Nestlé chocolate brand website,, this interactive banner campaign shows what it means to be a true chocoholic. And it's all based on the idea that a true addict of this luscious treat sees the object of his or her passion everywhere.

So that, as you move the cursor over the banner, you see how the portal you are visiting at that time starts to transform itself into a somewhere where chocolate is all you can see and the only topic of conversation.

Account Manager: Jordi Pont
Concept direction: Esther Pino, Frédéric Sanz
Copywriting: Esther Pino
Art direction: Blanca Piera
Screen designer: Montserrat Torras
Interactive direction: Joakim Borgström
Programming: Jose Rubio

Works with:
Platform: PC
Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

No plugin needed.
Progressive loading: 21.7 Kb.

Chocolate Obsession Interactive Banner