Advertiser / Client:
American Nike

Product or Service Advertised:
Carrera de la Cursa Bombers de Barcelona.

Creative Idea / Concept:
Based on the concept of tourism in Barcelona, this website pretends to attract to the "Cursa de Bombers" everyone who feels proud of the city of Barcelona.
In order to achieve this goal the site is based on a typical tourist element of Barcelona: postcards.
Its sections are indeed interactive postcards showing the various features of the race. The deep visual impact of the site is complemented by its sound, inspired by the most visited tourist spots of the city.

Account Manager: Jordi Pont
Project Direction: Daniel Solana
Concept Direction: Esther Pino
Art Direction: Blanca Piera
Graphic Interface Designer: Anna Coll
Multimedia Direction: Mauricio Mazzariol
Interactive Direction: Josep M. Soler
HTML Programming: Jose Rubio
I+D: Joakim Borgström
Technical management: Álvaro Sandoval
Music: 7Siete. Música visual