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Tony blair Gerard Schröder
Blair and Schröder pledge to work together on Iraq

Schröder and Blair move to patch up relations
British prime minister Tony Blair and German chancellor Gerhard Schröder drew a line under their differences over Iraq and pledged to work together, with the United Nations, on the country's reconstruction. 19:48 | Read
  • Schröder can profit from a German crisis
  • Iraq talks end with agreement to reconvene
  • Powell says US has no plans to strike Syria
    Israel urges action against Assad 05:00 | Read
  • More news and analysis
  • N.Korea talks planned for next week
    Signs of willingness to hold multilateral talks 08:49 | Read
    China grows over 9% in first quarter of the year
    Growth propelled by new consumerism 20:11 | Read
    Small states to oppose EU presidency plan
    States believe Giscard may ignore their views 07:28 | Read
    Argentina seeks to reassure investors
    Upcoming elections are the impetus  22:15 | Read

    Economy the priority as Bush goes on stump
    Bush cannot rest on his cushion of popularity  19:50 | Read

    War gamble pays off for Australia's Howard
    PM extends poll lead to 46 percentage points.  15:47 | Read

    Labour faces down criticism from trades unions
    Minister launches attack on newer union leaders  21:36 | Read

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    After Iraq: A Europe gripped by self-doubt
    iraq & europe Enlargement to include 10 eastern countries threatens to accentuate divisions between 'old' and 'new' - and not just in defence and foreign policy.
    Apr 15 2003 | Read

    Comment & analysis  
    Martin Wolf: An economy trapped by panic
    Martin Wolf
    While the war with Iraq has gone as well as might have been expected, many obstacles lie in the way of robust and durable global recovery. Apr 15 2003 | ReadRequires subscription
    Brussels agenda: Accession treaty to be signed
    Brussels briefing
    The European Union will officially become a club of 25 on Wednesday with the signing of the accession treaty admitting 10 new members in a ceremony in Athens. Apr 15 2003 | Read
    American generals and the general will
    America is sincere in wanting to bring democracy to Iraq, writes Christopher Caldwell, senior editor of the Weekly Standard magazine. Apr 15 2003 | Read
  • News in depth: War in Iraq

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