Advertiser / client:
Audi España

Product or Service advertised:
Progress is not an illusion.

Creative idea / Concept:
This flash banners campaign was based on the old optical ilusion trick of the bird and the cage (both images appear together when the card is spun on its axis).
In this case, the image of the new Audi A6 and its background converge by interacting with the banner, which strengthens the whole campaign launch concept: progress is not an illusion.

Client contact: Lali Solé, Beatriz Gómez
Account and production: Natalia Bravo
Concept and creativity: Frédéric Sanz, Joakim Borgström, Edu Pou
Art: Enric A. Cano
Interactivity and animation: Joakim Borgström

300x250 - 200x200 - 140x400 - 120x600