Advertiser / client:
American Nike

Product or Service advertised: - the game

Creative idea / Concept:
Interactive version of the Nike TAG campaign, representing the classic game of tagging and being tagged. The online experience is based on a conceptual city made of typographic names of streets from cities all over the world. The user, represented as a pointer, must chase and "click" on any of the several other pointers that run and hide in the city. Once this is achieved, run away to avoid being "tagged".

Account and production: Jordi Pont, Juan Pablo Pedemonte
Concept and creativity: Joakim Borgström, Esther Pino, Daniel Solana
Art: Blanca Piera, Elisabeth Badía
Animation: Mauricio Mazzariol
Interactivity: Jordi Martínez, Álvaro Sandoval, Joakim Borgström

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