Advertiser / client:
American Nike

Product or Service advertised:
San Silvestre Vallecana 2003 Race

Creative idea / Concept:
"The bear of the famous Madrid's statue has escaped. If you see it, run."
The website is an adaptation of this urban legend. The San Silvestre Vallecana offline campaign conceived by the agency Villar&Rosas, is here used as a leitmotiv for the website of the race, experiencing the story from the runner point of view.
An inner voice guides the user during the persecution and shows him that, in his mind, the menace of the bear becomes an extra motivation to run. Instead of running away, the runner chases after the bear.

Cliente contact: Carmen Ponce
Offline agency: Villar & Rosás
Account and production: Jordi Pont
Concept and creativity: Eduard Pou, Joakim Borgström, Daniel Solana, Oriol Villar
Art: Anna Coll, Quim Tarrida, Elisabeth Badía
Animation: Mauricio Mazzariol, Ale Bica
Interactivity: Josep Maria Soler, Joakim Borgström, Jose Rubio
Server side aplication: Antonio Buenosvinos, Álvaro Sandoval
Music: 7Siete. Música visual

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