Advertiser / client:

Product or Service advertised:
SEAT Altea

Creative idea / Concept:
Taking as a cue the message of the offline campaign, the microsite invites the user to literally cross a line.

This initial interaction transforms a simple sketch into the main element that shapes all the site content as a metaphor of the dynamic line, which is the main element of the impactful design of this new car.

Contacto del cliente: J. M. García, M. C. Bosch, María Comas, Susana Gaya
Account and production: Juan Pablo Pedemonte
Concept and creativity: Frédéric Sanz, David Romero
Art: Anna Coll, Ariadna Ginjaume,
Animation: Ángel Muñoz
Interactivity: Jose Rubio, Joakim Borgström, Ramón Illobre
Music: 7Siete. Música visual


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