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Alcoholic Drinks

Creative concept:

A virtual city where there is no daylight -only night. Music, mystery, dialogues full of clues and a coveted secret. This is the world in which Cacique immerses the consumer by creating Blackville, an interactive experience concentrated in a website that is halfway between a movie and a videogame. The website invites the user to step into Blackville’s streets and discover its secret. During the experience he will have to go through interactive challenges with a high-innovative technological component. For instance diving to the bottom of a swimming-pool breathing through the user’s computer microphone or playing the trumpet to the beat of a jazz band. On top of this, he will have the help of a mysterious character who will interact with him through a window in Messenger.

This innovative elements intend to melt fiction and reality and surprise the user. Added to an audiovisual style that combines 3D and video, everything comes together to sophisticate the brand’s communication several steps ahead from last years’ campaigns.



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